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In this episode of Success In Brief with Rosanne Felicello, we welcome guest Michelle Bufano, attorney and entrepreneur. Michelle is a Partner with Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler, a 200-attorney law firm with a national presence.

Tune in to this episode as Michelle shares:

  • her path to becoming an attorney and partner in big law, and managing motherhood in the process
  • how she made the shift from products liability to entrepreneurship
  • how the pandemic inspired her shift into different areas
  • why she decided to write a book, and who it’s for
  • what she values from her legal training and how it impacts her work today

Michelle Bufano is an attorney and entrepreneur. Michelle originally focused her practice on products liability law, and has since expanded her practice to focus on entrepreneurial law and litigation for corporate clients. She will be launching her own consulting firm, focused on helping female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from historically underrepresented groups.

Michelle has a vision for a world where all women thrive, and she’s doing her part by making a significant contribution to make this a reality.

In addition, Michelle writes a thought provoking blog, The Midpoint Blog: Reflections on Life’s Journey at She is currently working on writing her first book, based on her experiences during the pandemic.

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