The Evolution of Legal Recruiting with Sharon Mahn

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In this episode of Success In Brief with Rosanne Felicello, we welcome guest Sharon Mahn, Esq. to talk about the legal recruiting world, how law firms have evolved, and the profession generally for female lawyers.

Tune in to this episode as Sharon shares insights into:

  • Her journey from practicing law to working in the legal recruiting world
  • Why collaboration is so important when practicing law and gaining feedback
  • What happens when you take a calculated risk for what you love
  • How upward mobility has changed for women and diverse candidates
  • The value of networking beyond lawyers, and why it’s essential for professional growth

Sharon Mahn, Esq., is an entrepreneur, advocate, author, and Global Head of Law Firm Strategy at ZRG Partners.

Before joining the ZRG team, Sharon practiced law at top tier national and international law firms, served as Head of Legal at a New York City based executive search company, and was a Managing Director at what was then the largest international legal search firm in the world.

Sharon also founded an award winning legal and executive search company and served there as Chief Executive Officer for over a decade. During her time, she has placed hundreds of law firm partners and law firm teams into Global 200 Law Firms, as well as placed In-House Counsel into Private Equity, Hedge Funds, and Financial Institutions.

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