Advocacy For Animals with Reasa Currier

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In this episode of Success In Brief with Rosanne Felicello, we welcome guest Reasa Currier, Director of Department of Animal Sheltering for Fairfax County, Virginia. 

Tune in to this episode as Reasa talks about:

  • How she came to work with the federal government fresh out of law school
  • advice she would give to young lawyers who want  to influence change through policy
  • why she formed a political action committee to represent animals in Virginia
  • how she uses her law degree to advocate for animals

Reasa Currier is a strategic animal welfare leader with over fifteen years of experience in organizational change management, public relations, and public policy. She has a proven ability to manage dynamic, high-stress situations with diplomacy. Reasa has deep experience managing complex initiatives, including program and budget oversight. She successfully engages board of directors, staff, policy makers, donors, community and other key stakeholders in furtherance of organizational priorities.

Reasa utilizes her extensive experience working with federal, state and local governments, corporations, and diverse stakeholders to drive social change.

Learn more about Reasa: 

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