Oct 19

The WillaGirl / Wella Trademark Dispute Has Been Resolved


Procter & Gamble and WillaGirl have resolved their trademark dispute before trial. The terms of the settlement have not been disclosed, but WillaGirl will be allowed to continue to market its products under the Willa name.

As I previously noted, this case could have easily come out against WillaGirl.

Because the terms of the settlement are likely going to remain confidential, we can only speculate what each side may have given up to reach a settlement. The media’s depiction of P&G as a “trademark bully” may have influenced P&G’s decision to settle the case before trial.  Or maybe P&G merely sought to limit WillaGirl’s use of the mark and WillaGirl agreed to those terms.  In any case, it is likely that WillaGirl is still out the $750,000 it paid on legal fees to defend the suit before trial.

Only the market will tell if the fight for the Willa name was worth it.