Mar 31

Simple Elegant Argument

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As a litigator, I often find myself trying to simplify my clients problems as much as possible. Clients often resist this process and want to go after their opponent for every slight or hard feeling.

There are a few problems with a “kitchen sink” approach to litigating. First, you are virtually guaranteed not to have a quick resolution to the matter when you seek to argue about everything that went wrong in the parties’ relationship. The court and the parties are bound to get bogged down in the myriad details. The process is likely to be time-consuming, and both sides are going to end up with large legal bills. Second, not all problems or disagreements are legal problems that the law can fix. By simplifying the problems to those that have a clear legal answer, you can generally get to a positive outcome in a (relatively) shorter period of time. Third, and most importantly, simple arguments are more likely to win. If you are able to present the court with a simple, elegant solution to the dispute, the court is going to be more inclined to rule in your favor.

And it often turns out that once you solve the “simple” legal problem, the other details either become much less significant or work themselves out.

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