Advisory Services

In addition to representing clients currently engaged in litigation, Felicello Law provides compliance advice, best practices seminars, and litigation avoidance counseling to assist clients to lower their risk of litigation.

Compliance Advice

Does your firm have a “compliance culture” or a “risk-taking culture”? Find out how Felicello law can help you to lower your risk of facing a whistleblower action.

Best Practice Seminars

Felicello Law can custom design a seminar to meet your company’s specific needs. Some common practices that may need fine-tuning include email policies and usage, policies concerning confidential information, and securities compliance policies.

Litigation Avoidance Counseling

Does your company have a marking initiative that may draw litigation? Do you want to introduce a new product to the market and remove an older version of the same product? Felicello Law can help you minimize your litigation risk while meeting your business objectives.

Witness Preparation Assistance

Felicello Law can help you to prepare your fact or expert witness for deposition or trial.

Other Services

Rosanne is also available for legal commentary and speaking engagements. Please send an email to for more information.