How to lower your firm’s risk of facing a whistleblower claim

The S.E.C. Whistleblower program encourages employees to bypass internal reporting mechanisms and raise all potential securities violations with the S.E.C. directly. How can your firm encourage employees to report the potential wrongdoing internally first? The key is to make compliance and transparent communication part of your corporate culture.

Establish a Culture of Compliance

  1. Determine your baseline – i.e., how comfortable do employees feel with bringing potential issues to the attention of the appropriate person?
  2. Decide on a strategy – i.e. how do you want to encourage compliance and employee communication?
  3. Implement the strategy

The culture of your firm will not change overnight. But just beginning the conversation about compliance and transparency is a step towards increased compliance and less risk of surprise whistleblower-driven S.E.C. actions.

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